Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I Love This Land

I may hate all the crap that has happened to America over the last few years. The neutering of the media. The silencing of dissent. The fact that our politicians value corporations over the people. A war that has resulted in much more bad than good. A preisdent who seems determined to pervert the US Constitution.

But damnit, despite all this, I love America. And that's why I fight so hard. That's why I scream as loud as I can with this tiny voice. It's why I don't run for Canada or somewhere else. Because I love America, as it was, and I will gladly fight to see it restored.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone.

Amen and keep screaming. I hope the whole Cognito clan had an excellent 4th!
Aw, thanks. How was the Fourth in Austin?
It poured buckets but the neighborhood "get drunk and blow stuff up" fest went on as usual.

They said the Town Lake fireworks were happening, rain or shine, but we haven't been insane enough to brave the traffic down there for years!
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