Tuesday, July 11, 2006


If Only There Were Someone To Apply a Proper Curbstomping

All right, so, maybe I am a bit too caught up on Lee Siegel and others pointing to the lefty blogosphere as a mass of unhinged political rabble. But I'd just like to give Siegel the dictionary definition of "fascism":

A political regime based on strong centralized government, suppressing through violence any criticism or opposition of the regime, and exalts nation, state, or religion above the individual

And, by way of those darling rationalists at Cold Fury, I bring you fascism in action (ganked from Amanda):

Maybe the way to nullify these Lefty zombies is to get good and righteously pissed at their dishonesty and manipulation, and take whatever action that anger warrants. Maybe it really is going to come down to violence against these people in the end.

I'd like to also provide Mr. Siegel with another definition: hate crime. A hate crime is any crime against a religious, ethnic, racial, or sexual group that is motivated mainly by the target's race/ethnicity/religion/sexuality, as well as the attacker's need to deliver a "message" to other members of said race/ethnicity/religion/sexuality to not act like the target-- that is, to just shut up and vanish. If the actions suggested in said statement were applied to any of those said groups-- that is, if violence was used against "those people" to get them to just shut up-- it would be considered a hate crime. But instead, it's aimed towards liberals, so it's just politics.

I may be getting too attached to this. Still, as far as I know, neither Atrios nor Kos nor John Aravosis nor James Wolcott has made any statement akin to believing that violent retaliation is the only way to sort out anyone on the right. All I ask is that we not be treated like we're the ones who are undermining society.

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