Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Isn't It Funny? I Want You Dead!

Last Friday, on the wake of the colorful macaws of the right wing blogosphere launching a weeks-long orchestra of eliminationist rhetoric against the New York Times, someone at the mail room of the Times opened a letter, only to find a mass of white powder and an editorial defending the Times's recent actions Xed out with marker. Are any of the people who launched the storm of hard-boiled attacks against the Times contrite? Sorry?

Oh, hell, no. That would require shame. Rather, Ann Coulter has the gall to joke about how she was the one who made visions of anthrax dance in their heads:

"'So glad to hear that The New York Times got my letter and that your friend at the Times thinks I'm funny,' she wrote back. 'Good luck in journalism and please send me your home address so we can stay in touch, too.

So not only does she joke about a honest-to-God terrorist threat against one of the establishments of the press in this nation, she jokes about sending another such "letter" to the one who actually called her out on the carpet for it. This is the great conscience of the right wing fear engine. Anything that happens to your enemies-- any threat, any attack, anything that would have them fearing for their lives-- is a big fat fucking joke.

I agree with Jill. Someone needs to show Ann Coulter that it's not funny.

She's just desperate to get attention, as she has learned the Tom Green lesson: when your sole means of getting attention is to act outrageously, you must act more and more outrageously to keep getting attention. Don't worry - she'll get 'caught' jacking off an elephant soon, and then will never be heard from again.
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