Friday, July 28, 2006


Of Course, You Realize, This Means War

Ever since I've come out of the closet and paid attention to what the pundits say to me, I have dealt with insult after insult. I have been told that I am promiscuous and incapable of monogamy. I have been told that I am disease-prone and disease-ridden. I have been told that I am likely a drug fiend, an alcoholic, and a scat fiend. I have been told that I am likely a child molester. I have been told that I pervert the America family just by existing. I have been told that I am not worthy of government resources that could prevent me from killing myself after being told all of this. I have been told I will die at 42. I have been told I will go to Hell. All of this, I have taken in stride.

But in all my time, no one has called me a "fag" on national media and gotten away with it. Except for Ann Coulter, apparently, because she exudes pheromones that render most media personalities incapable of outrage.

Not that this is Ms. Coulter's first brush with epithets, of course. And, like with the "raghead" comment, I doubt she will get any serious upbraiding for this one-- save from the left wing blogosphere, of course, but whoever pays attention to us? All I ask is that, when I am told that I am subhuman, that I am told with some degree of dignity. But Ann Coulter can't even give me that. Once again, she proves herself to be the unrestrained id of the far right.

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