Wednesday, August 09, 2006


No, Joe

So, Joe Lieberman has lost the Democratic primary to Ned Lamont. Now, he'll be running as an independent. So, why am I going for Lamont? As others point out to me, Lieberman is "for the most part" liberal. He is (at the moment) mostly pro-gay, mostly pro-choice, and against tax breaks. So, why am I against him?

Simple. It's about Bush. And don't look at me like this a "single issue" thing. After the bungled search for Bin Laden, after the massive clusterfuck that is the War in Iraq, after the signing statements, after the lack of action in Katrina, after the torture, after the wiretaps... I simply cannot support any candidate, especially any Democratic candidate, who says that it's a bad thing to question the president, especially since he has three more years in office. And I can only look down on any candidate who refers to people who bow to the will of the majority of the American populace and demand a way out of Iraq as "extremists".

Yes, there's a chance that this could split the primary. But let's face it-- it's better than sending a man who blatantly ignores the populace back into office.

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