Wednesday, August 23, 2006


See That? That's Politics

Meet Jonathan Paton. He's a Republican state representative from Arizona, and he belives in staying the course in the War in Iraq. Now, normally, here's where I would be dismissive of the position of said candidate. This time, however, I am not.

Because Paton's going over and fighting in the goddamned war.

I may disagree with Paton's position. But I cannot fault the man for doing what he's doing. Especially since I have seen almost every other Republican politician flog this war like a expired equine. These men usually spend only enough time in the warzone to cobble together some satisfactory sounding bullshit and get the fuck out, and talk about supporting the troops while handing them body armor that cracks when it hits the ground from moderate heights. Here, though, we actually have a man who believes in the idea so much, that he's willing to fight for it.

We need more politicians like you, Jonathan Paton.

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