Thursday, August 03, 2006


Sincerely, Barry Mead

Well, look at that. Members of the Clark County Republican Party sent out a flier touched up to make it look like it came from Harry Reid. And that's not all they touched up, either:

The heading on the flier said, "We know that the judicial candidates listed below share our desire to protect the rights of minorities and the individual from the majority. We support their election to office and ask that you cast your vote for them as well."

It then lists exclusively Republican candidates for the offices of Nevada Supreme Court, Clark County District Court and justice of the peace.

See that? "Protect the rights of minorities and the individual from the majority." Coming from a Democrat, you'd think that would imply support for court rulings that allow same-sex marriage. Now, let's see what the Clark County Republican Party really believes:

The Clark County Republican Party supports State ratification of the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Whoops! I guess when they say "minorities," they don't mean "gay people."

This is not politics as usual. This is a party going out of its way to make sure that its candidates look like the other party's candidates and then trying to directly sell them to the opposition. And look at this simpering justification:

"The purpose was to hopefully put people we believe to be more conservative in their viewpoints before a part of the voting public that might not otherwise consider them," [County Republican Party chairman John] Hambrick said.

Yeah, and I'm sure you'd get them to really consider those candidates by completely misrepresenting their positions. This isn't campaigning. This is sabotage.

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