Friday, August 25, 2006


That's Why It's Called "Intelligence", Folks

WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 — Some senior Bush administration officials and top Republican lawmakers are voicing anger that American spy agencies have not issued more ominous warnings about the threats that they say Iran presents to the United States.

That's right, folks; politicians in the air-conditioned halls of Congress and the White House are accusing folks who attempt to follow the latest communications, who go undercover and risk certain death, who have been blatantly outed as revenge for what their husbands say*, of not saying what they're "supposed" to say.

Jesus Christ. Who needs facts anymore?

*Oh, by the way: if any of those angling for war with Iran are wondering why their intel isn't at its best, it might be because the administration orchestrated the outing of the woman who was in charge of said intel gathering. Just food for thought.

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