Wednesday, August 30, 2006


"You're Not Our Martyr"

Once again, the hunting dogs of the far right fall upon prime grade journalist meat. This time, however, it's the FOX News reporters who were kidnapped by Palestinian radicals and then released. Like with Jill Carroll, the staunchest defenders of the war are falling upon these men because they have not denounced radical Islam from the highest tower immediately after being released from what was most definitely a traumatic situation.

But it goes deeper than that. Look at this comment from Debbie "Low Rent Ann Coulter" Schlussel:

It needs to be repeated that so many Americans captured by Muslims–including Arab and Muslim Americans in Iraq–have met slaughter and beheading. And yet apparently pro-Islamist journalists, like Jill Carroll and reportedly Steve Centanni, are released to freedom. It’s troubling that if you have a certain point of view AND job (ie., reporter) that will help support that point of view, only you get to live. The rest meet certain slaughter."

The translation is clear: These men have lived. They were not worthy. They did not denounce the cause of their captors loud enough. They cared only about their lives, and not about our cause. So we must turn our backs on them. We must shun them, for they were mere mortals.

After all, the best argument you can get is a dead body.

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