Friday, September 22, 2006


Everyone's A Winner!

...except for the losers.

So, once again, McCain appeared to stand up for protecting those captured by the US from torture and deprivation of civil liberties, and once again, Bush has come up with a solution that will make both of them look good while doing sweet fuck all for those who are affected. Bush can apply his own interpretation of what's blocked and what's not. The 450 cases for habeas corpus filed by Guantanamo inmates have been voided, and the chance of judicial review for any of them has been sufficiently kneecapped. And all the while, McCain, Warner, and Graham still get painted as "rebels" for capitulating in almost all regards, Bush still gets to decide what can be done to people with no rights, and the people who actually could have stood up and done something, for fuck's sake, just sat on their hands, utterly afraid.

Sometimes I wonder if anything's ever going to change. Or if we'll just be served the same old chicken shit, disguised as a tasty and diverse selection of salads.

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