Monday, September 04, 2006


I Am Two Decades Old

Or at least, I will be in two days. That doesn't stop me from celebrating early.

The birthday presents were somewhat meager, but reasonably so. Neither my brother nor I could really come up with anything to ask from our parents, so we simply requested cash. Not the most romantic thing in the world, but hey, it gets the job done. We got a few other things-- a shirt, sandals for my brother, a new belt for me-- but it was mostly just the cash.

After the presents were opened, we headed off to dinner at The Living Room, a place I'd read about in one of Boston's five thousand free weeklies. We ate in the lounge area, so we sat on couches while eating from something not entirely unlike a coffee table. The food was actually pretty damn good, especially the peanut butter pie that I had for dessert. My one real bone of contention was the top 40 music piped over the speakers (God, people still listen to Train?).

Ah, well. Another year come and gone.

Hey! Happy birthday to you!

That makes me, in a couple of weeks, twice as old as you are. Holy crap. Those 20 years went FAST.
Wow. Well, a preemptive happy birthday to you, Badger. And don't worry. I'm sure those 20 years were put to very good use.
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