Friday, September 29, 2006



I hope you appreciate the brain cells I had to sacrifice in order to type a title like that.

So, during the flurry surrounding this whole Constitution-raping hoo-ha, an interesting story has come to light: Mark Foley, perhaps the man with the most open closet on the Hill, apparently sent his 16-year-old male page a series of very, very graphic e-mails and instant messages. Here's a sample; I know I'd get all atwitter if my boss, who's a good number of decades older than me and whose job duties include keeping kids safe from sexual predators, talked about pulling down my shorts and grabbing my trouser snake.

And there may be something more to this. John's tracing the morass as it stands right now, but according to the (well, primary) account of a friend of the family of the page, he contacted the House leadership about the incident when he first found out about the e-mails-- ten months ago. The story seems to be changing, though, but the possibility exists that this was sat on for a long-ass time before anything actually happened.

It may turn out that, in addition to coddling torture, the Republican leadership in the House may also be coddling sexual harassment.

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