Thursday, September 07, 2006



Well, that blew up pretty quickly. Meanwhile, Scholastic, who were to be responsible for handing out 100,00 copies to high school classes of The Path to 9/11 for free, have dropped the movie like Britney Spears's baby, and the Senate Democratic leadership has sent a firm rebuke/possible threat of legal action to Disney.

We've still got a while to go. But at least we're making a difference, and at least we're not taking this flagrant disregard for the truth lying down.

The only thing this accomplished was to lessen to an ever greater degree our freedom of speech and expression. When a former presidnet threatens to pull the license of a major company then the government has way too much power.
Yes, I'm sure a man who is currently a private citizen raising a fuss about potentially being slandered by a movie that is being presented as God's honest truth is a sign of the rampant abuse of the power of big government. Speaking of which, what do you think of warrantless wiretapping?
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