Thursday, September 14, 2006


We Can't Be Safe

Chertoff, paraphrased: "We can't afford to scan incoming cargo in US ports."

WASHINGTON, Sept. 12 — Congress and the American public must accept that the government cannot protect every possible target against attack if it wants to avoid fulfilling Al Qaeda’s goal of bankrupting the nation, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told a Senate committee Tuesday.


But the list of initiatives cannot be limitless, Mr. Chertoff said. A mandate, for example, that every cargo container headed into the United States be X-rayed and subject to a radiation scan before it leaves a foreign port to search for a possible nuclear bomb is not now feasible, he said.

Because God knows, we can spare money on Old Macdonald's Petting Zoo (no relation), but taking steps to truly guard one of the most vulnerable points in the US is just out of the question. Yes, the X-ray machines are nice, but chemicals and, more imporantly, men can easily be brought over as well.

Sometimes, you have to wonder just how much the people in charge really care.

Apparently we can still afford handing billions over to Israel, which really ought to go into the books as History's Most Unreliable Vassal State.
Oh, and the war. Don't forget the war.
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