Thursday, September 21, 2006


Who Would Jesus Waterboard?

Congratulations, Lou Sheldon, you are now officially one of the Phairsees.

"This very definitely is going to put a chilling effect on the tremendous strides he has made in the conservative evangelical community," said the Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition, one of several conservative activists who support Bush's proposal on interrogation techniques.

Lou Sheldon claims to follow the ways of Jesus. A man who was captured by the local authorities for dissidence, stripped naked, flogged, made to carry the means of his execution for miles, and then nailed to a tree through the wrists and feet, given a crown of thorns, and stabbed through the side. He went through the agony of this of his own volition, but that does not make the process any less painful.

And now, one of his most vocal followers, as well as a good portion of said follower's flock, have come down in support of torture. Because if it was good enough for his Lord and Savior, it's good enough for those brown people, I guess.

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