Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Children, Children... Future, Future...

This is disgusting, chain-jerking crap. And it's not like this is the first time this line of thinking has been used. A similar ad aired during the brief window when gay marriage looked like a possibility in Hawaii, with a child being confused by the idea of two men marrying. So many absurdities, so little time:

-Well, guess what? They're children. Some of them grasp complex ideas, some don't. And I wonder how many of the parents who likely "volunteered" their children for this ad ever sat them down and discussed the idea that two men or two women might truly, honestly, love each other.

-Hey, I've got an idea! If we're going to introduce legislation to prevent things that children won't understand, then why don't we scrap social security, the tax code, algebra, death, and war. I mean, it works for same-sex marriage, why not everything else?

-So, same-sex marriage is bad because "our kids will be taught a new way of thinking." Then why don't we ban the school system as well? That, in theory if not in practice, seems to be all about teaching children new ways of thinking! That is, unless you keep your kids locked inside the house and teach them the Biblically-mandated truth, which I wouldn't put past the people who designed this ad.

-And one last thing: what about all those children who've already adjusted to this new way of thinking, based on the fact that they've managed to find a loving home with two devoted parents who truly care about them?

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