Thursday, November 30, 2006


The Golden Book Of Race Hatred

You know, I never thought that, in the time I've run this blog, I would have to make two different jokes about The Poisonous Mushroom. Either my material's weak, or the world has just gone fucking insane.

NEW YORK - Unhappy with the children’s books on the market, a Brooklyn criminal court judge has written a picture book that uses a horticultural metaphor to deplore the perils of unchecked immigration.
In “The Hot House Flowers,” self-published by Judge John H. Wilson, an envious dandelion releases her seeds into a hothouse, where they grow and eventually use up so much water and food that there’s none left for the plants that were already there.
In the end, the master of the hothouse - clearly standing for God - removes the dandelions, and when the original dandelion tries to send more seeds in, the hothouse flowers trample the seeds so they can’t grow.

"See that, Timmy? God punishes the filthy brown people! Can you say 'fatherland'?"

And, to the surprise of absolutely no one, the Minutemen love it:

But Tim Bueler, a spokesman for the Minuteman Project, said the book “gives a great insight to children and families on the issue of illegal immigration.”

What? That Mexicans are weeds? That there's some selfish force controlling all Mexicans and sending people into America in a deliberate attempt to take over? That it's righteous to crush those who do not yield? Is that the message you want to get across?

Bigotry should not be a family activity.

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