Thursday, November 02, 2006


It's A Sin

Ted Haggard is the president of the Natonal Association of Evangelicals. It is one of the largest bodies of the religious right. It represents millions of evangelicals, and regularly gets the ear of President Bush and many other politicans. Needless to say, Haggard's institution is rather opposed to legal recognition of homosexual couples, and would probably be happy seeing homosexuals tossed into prison for sodomy.

Which makes the allegations by a former escort that Ted Haggard was his bedroom buddy for years-- complete with alleged voicemails and a letter-- very fucking interesting. Already, Haggard's stepped down from a leadership position over the scandal, Dobson and other allies of Haggard are circling their wagons, and the press is ready to descend.

As Salon has pointed out, if these allegations are true, then this is huge. Foley was one thing, because people could say that Foley was a politician, a man who adopted issues just for power, money, or the continued acquisition thereof. Ted Haggard, on the other hand, has always portrayed himself as a man of God. He fashions himself as the right hand of the Lord in a godless America. He leads up a megachurch with millions of dollars and thousands of congregants behind it. And here he is, this man of such faith, living a lie and preaching against the very thing he is, misleading his congregation in the entire process.

This isn't concrete yet. But this looks like it's going to get interesting.

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