Friday, November 10, 2006


My Activism Continues

I was at the State House yesterday, protesting with MassEquality. All right, it was for all of 15 minutes. I would have stayed longer, but the mist in the air made me feel like my eyes were watering, and I was afraid that my conjunctivitis was coming back.

But, yeah. The marriage amendment has been voted down again, which means it would be on the ballot in 2008. What sayeth you, outgoing Governor Mitt Romney?

Republican Gov. Mitt Romney, a vocal opponent of gay marriage, said "the rule of law and the sovereignty of the people have been trampled" but there was little he could do to force the state's lawmakers to vote on the amendment.

That's right, folks, Mitt Romney is talking about "the sovereignity of the people" being trampled. Mr. "Let's Wiretap the Mosques", Mr. "I Was For Abortion Before I Was Against It." Apparently, it's only good when he's the one fucking over the voters and their rights.

Two more months, and this lying jackass is out.

Yeah, my understanding is that the legislature figured out a way to keep voters from voting on this measure. If it's just the legislature, well the issue is settled. Romney was trying to get it out for a general referendum.
And what then does the legislature in a representative republic embody, if not the "rule of law" and "the will of the people"?

God, these theocratic bigots are so transparent. If the public was voting en masse to allow gay marriage, I'm sure we'd be hearing about the evils and lawlessness of "mob rule."
Chad: did you see what happened when the populace of Maine voted in favor of a gay rights measure? The forces of Dobson claimed that the gay rights group had "misled" the people of Maine.
Actually, I didn't hear about that. That's so...unsurprising. It only shows what they really think of democracy.
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