Saturday, November 18, 2006



Back when the Democrats were the minority power, they were chided by the Republican majority for wanting to filibuster some of Bush's more outrageous judicial nominees. Some Republicans went so far as to call their attempts "obstructionist", and even threatened to bring out a "nuclear option" that would basically keep the Democrats from filibustering at all.

Now that the Democrats are the majority, however, Sen. Mitch McConnell, incoming Senate Minority leader, has threatend to filibuster unless the Democrats give Bush's nominees an up-or-down vote. Remember, it's not as bad when you do it as when the other guys do it.

Does anyone in Congress actually remember what they said three weeks ago? And if they do, do they actually care about it?

Editor Beth just wants to point out that you need to change the first "Democrats" in the second paragraph to "Republicans."

I know: It feels weird to write "Republicans" and "minority" in the same sentence! Woo hoo!
Mes apologies. I've made the proper alterations. And yeah, it does feel weird.
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