Wednesday, November 15, 2006


There's Being A Host, And Then There's Being A Warden

So, tell me, if you opened your home to a child from another country who had come to our land for purposes of education, and knew that you would likely be this kid's primary look at America, its culture, and its people, would you:

-tell the child that the devil is in his heart?
-wake the kid up on Sundays at 6:15 in the morning to go to church, when he doesn't want to?
-say that his mother is just as "devil-ridden" as he is, due to the fact that she's separated from his father?
-tell the kid that the real reason you brought him into your home was so that you could use him as a mouthpiece for your own religious intentions in his home country?

These assholes did. Luckily, the kid in question managed to find a much more welcoming family for the rest of his stay. Still. When you open your house to the world, it should be with the intention of showing the world the great variety of perspectives and lifestyles in your nation, and not using it to flog your own personal agenda like a submissive in Miss Kitty's Parlor.

At least someone showed this kid that Americans can be sane.

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