Thursday, November 30, 2006


Y'know, I Never Really Got Into Ender's Game, Either

Some time back, Orson Scott Card caused a practical explosion amongst SF/fantasy literary fandom when he posted an article basically saying that every gay man got to be gay due to the fact that he was bad touched when he was younger, and hinting that they'd be quick to do it to the next generation, too. Of course, this was all okay, because he has gay friends, despite the fact that he thinks sodomy laws should be kept on the books so that us queers know our place.

Wow. So much bile. It produces a nice warming sensation.

Anyway, when the article first hit the web, the conclusion of many people was, "Yes, it sucks, yes, he's a freaking bigot, but I like his stuff, so I'll read it as long as his whack-ass politics stay far, far away." Yeah, well, that time is now.

When the president and vice-president are killed by domestic terrorists (of unknown political identity), a radical leftist army calling itself the Progressive Restoration takes over New York City and declares itself the rightful government of the United States. Other blue states officially recognize the legitimacy of the group, thus starting a second civil war. Card's heroic red-state protagonists, Maj. Reuben "Rube" Malek and Capt. Bartholomew "Cole" Coleman, draw on their Special Ops training to take down the extremist leftists and restore peace to the nation...

Also available are five sample chapters, including insults against the French, the implication that those snooty Europeans are just rooting for this shit, and the wife of one of the main characters, who's a liberal but, y'know, a '50s liberal, so she bakes cookies and shit and isn't at all threatening to Card's world view!

If he defends this as "a Handmaid's Tale for the right", I am going to kill something.

It's a little sad seeing Card actually becoming in flesh the cariactature I had in my mind.
Yeah. A message board I visit suggest he's fallen victim to the same Brain Eater that targeted Frank Miller, Dave Sim, and Dan Simmons.
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