Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Your Post-Election Summary

So. Montana is being called for Tester, and Virginia has gone to Webb. That means that the Dems have taken both the House and the Senate.

Santorum got his self-righteous ass kicked the hell out of the Senate. So long, Rick. Just know that your name will have a legacy that few other senators have ever enjoyed; fifty years from now, happy couples will likely be wiping it up post-coitus.

Lieberman won in Connecticut. Just goes to show ya that sometimes, incumbency does rule all. Though at least Lamont's campaign demonstrated just what potential the grassroots have.

Musgrave's still in office. Fuck.

On the other hand, Ken Blackwell, the Biblical dominionist, man who handed Bush the 2004 election, and general whackass, got thrown over in favor of Ted Strickland, demonstrating that there's a limit to the crazy that Ohio will put up with.

And locally, Deval Patrick won out over Kerry Healey. Within a few months, our state will be rid of Romney's douchery. We just have to make sure it doesn't infect the nation as a whole.

Seven states passed amendments against gay marriage. But Arizona, in a first, voted against said amendment. Progress is being made, slowly yet surely.

Well, that was certainly interesting. Here's hoping the next two years will have plenty of fireworks.

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