Thursday, December 14, 2006


American Sideshow

Dear CNN:

I understood Ann Coulter. I understood William Donohue. I understood Bill Bennett. I didn't like the fact that you were giving these intellectuals G.G. Allins the time of day, but I could understand the importance ladeled upon them, given the current political scene.

But David Duke? David Fucking Duke? You really thought it would be good to do a piece on Iran's Holocaust denial conference by going straight to the source? You really thought it would be a good idea to bring this man on and have one of your top anchors just sit there while he's accused of being a "Jewish extremist"? You really thought it would better the national discourse if you had this freakshow on?

Hey, here's an idea: next time we're talking about George W. Bush, let's have David Icke on to explain all about the Reptoids. He seems to have just as much validity as any other commentator on a news program these days.

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