Monday, January 15, 2007


It's Never Over

Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Martin Luther King:

I suppose you're wondering why I embedded the video instead of including a link. Well, it's not just to show off my technical prowess. Click the video anywhere but on the "Play" option, and you'll be taken to the comments page, where you'll see such enlightening comments as these:

Niggers commit 55% of the crimes and niggers are about 13% of Americas population, if it wouldn't be for this communist nigger America would be much safer.

DUMB FUCKING WHITE FUCKERS KING WAS A democratic socialist fuck u dont say shit until u know what your tlakin about!

We haven't lost. Everyone important in America is a whiteman, niggers are litlle more then thugs.

That's just the front page, none the less. Idiots like these are always out there. Some of them lurk in the shadows. Others, as the strange case of George "Macaca" Allen have proven, try to disguise themselves behind political correctness while softly nursing their hatred, until the moment it leaks out for all to see.

We've come a long way. But as long as racism pervades, in whatever form it takes, Dr. King's dream is not yet accomplished.

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