Wednesday, January 17, 2007


"This Is Rich Little Imitating Howard Cosell..."

Hey, remember when Stephen Colbert went to the White House Correspondents Association dinner and tore everyone-- and I mean everyone-- a new one? So does the WHCA. Which is why they're hiring Rich Little this year. What say you, Steve Scully?

"My approach is to try to make it a comfortable venue that is enjoyable, funny and interesting," said Steve Scully, president of the White House Correspondents Association, who chose Little. "But you don't want to offend anyone." He cited the slogan for the Washington Gridiron Dinner, which says, "singe, don't burn."

Why, yes, I can see why-- oh, fuck it. There are three thousand US soldiers dead in a meaningless war. Bush is ignoring everyone who objects him-- which includes a good chunk of Congress, the Iraq Study Group, and the American people-- and pushing forward on a plan that will likely result in more American deaths and nothing else. The economy has been driven into the ground, the White House and the Secret Service made a deal to keep the American public from finding out Abramoff's involvement, and the only bill Bush has vetoed in his entire term in office was one that was meant to provide for medical research to help sick people-- it's about time you started offending, you spineless fucks!

Whew. Don't know where that came from. Let's see what else Scully has to say:

Scully added that getting the hottest, hippest entertainer is not always the best thing for the Washington crowd, whose participants span many different decades. "There are some people who think if you don't know Stephen Colbert, you don't get his brand of humor," Scully said. "You want someone who appeals to the Bob Novaks and the bloggers of the world."

Yeah, I don't think anyone can accuse the White House Correspondents Association of not appealing to Bob Novak.

At least you tried, Stephen.

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