Monday, January 22, 2007


Well, Obviously, I'm Not A Full Bigot

Now that's interesting. Sam Brownback has long been considered the religious right's big candidate for '08. Yesterday on This Week, though, Brownback (according to John) refused to take a position on gay adoption. Now, the trained attacked weasels we called the "Freepi" are no one's idea of a sane base, but to see them go after Brownback...

Brownback's still got the religious right on a lot of issues, but his waffling in this area might cost him. Then we've got Rudy "I'm Just A Sweet Transvestite" Giuliani and John McCain, who's desperately lining up for the chance to lick James Dobson's boots while he gets kicked away. The sad part is, Romney might actually have a freaking chance among the religious right.

It is interesting how it seems that the theocrat-Reaganite movement seems to be heading for a succession crisis. Although both H. Clinton and Giuliani are good "Old Guard" candidates on the surface, their Achilles heels are too obvious (the fact that Giuliani is, despite his reputation for censorship, a quintessential "New York Republican", and H. Clinton's alienation of quite a few of her anti-war, pro-gay rights, and pro-choice supporters), but I don't think the movement has found the suitable equivalent of Obama, the young newcomer.

Honestly I think Romney has a better chance of getting the nomination than people think. The Church of Latter-Day Saints is fairly powerful and has already demonstrated several times that they know how to mobilize politically.
Yeah, I guess so. Ah, well. The farther they get, the harder they fall.
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