Wednesday, February 07, 2007



Well, that was quick. We're not even past the first quarter of '07, and already the presidency-related blog attacks have begun.

I don't think I have to tell anyone whose side I come down on. I read Shakes and Amanda regularly, and I love their stuff. Yes, Amanda can be rough on organized religion, but when she is, she usually attacks the institution, not the followers. And as for the criticism/nepotism that Terry Moran engages in here over Amanda's post on the religious right and Israel... look, folks, let's get this straight. There are conservative Christians who want to make sure Israel stays together because it's a good thing to do. But the leaders of many organized bodies among the religious right have openly admitted that they want Israel to thrive and the holiest icons of Islam destroyed because, in their eyes, it will trigger the end of the world. This is not to be praised.

Furthermore, who is it making the newsworthiest of these allegations? Why, none other than William Donohue, who accuses Shakes and Amanda of being "bigots." Yes, folks, the man who went on the air and claimed Hollywood was controlled by "secular Jews" who hate Christianity, and who considers shop tellers saying "Happy Holidays" a direct attack on Christianity, gets to decide who the bigots are. Why doesn't he just look in the mirror if he wants to find a bigot?

Glenn Greenwald's already taking a look at the bloggers hired by potential right-wing presidential candidates. Still, a part of me wonders which scandal will be played on the news until we either all go crazy or someone backs down.

Oh, wait. I can already guess.

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