Friday, February 02, 2007


Dance, My Puppets, Dance

I know I'm quite, quite late on this, but that doesn't make it any less relevant. Apparently, Bush has signed an executive order that says certain agencies, such as the EPA or OSHA, must have a regulatory officer to oversee policy. Oh, and guess what? The officer will be appointed by the president. And in case you're not worried yet, here are a few names for you:

-George Deutsch, who told the NASA scientists that they should still refer to the Big Bang as a "theory."

-W. David Hager, the FDA official who suggested women take care of menstrual cramps by reading Bible passages and who allegedly sodomized his wife while she was conked out on medication.

-Michael. Fucking. Brown.

There's a difference, though. Before, these folks basically operated independently within the agency, advising but not controlling those underneath them. Now, every significant problem requires the sign off of an official after it has been proven that the problem has a negative effect on-- my, what a surprise!-- the market.

But I'm guessing Bush is above such petty things as checks and balances.

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