Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I Am Spartacus

I'm guessing this is where the meme originated, but I'm jumping on, in any case.

If you've missed it by now, Amanda and Shakes were kept on by Edwards in the face of the incontroversial controvesy, but both decided to resign in order to keep William Donohue from painting Edwards with the world's widest brush. I respect Amanda and Shakes for their decision, and hate that it had to come to this.

Which brings me to the one who might be the progenitor of this whole shitstorm: Michelle Malkin. As you might guess, she's fucking ecstatic about this. What I find funny about that, however--

Actually, wait. To indicate that I find one thing funny with Malkin's rejoicing is an utter fallacy. So, three things that I find funny about this:

1. Malkin posts a long passage by Shakes where Shakes is somewhat "uncivil" about her disdain for those who call themselves "pro-family" trying to undermine gay families. The funny thing is, Malkin does not directly attack any of Shakes's positions. In fact, she says nothing about how Shakes's post might be insulting to Christians. Instead, and perhaps most telling, she says that Shakes "writes like this (language warning)." So, according to Malkin, the worst crime Shakes seems to be guilty of is... large amounts of swearing. We have a woman here who knowingly enabled death threats complaining about another woman for swearing to make a point like she just shat all over a Da Vinci painting. I guess you have to have some standards.

2. I love the fact that Malkin's going along with Donohue's "anti-Catholic bigotry!" hate train, as if she's never engaged in something as grevious as base bigotry.

News flash, Michelle: you are a bigot. When you use words like "dhimmitude", when you claim that every crime by a Muslim is part of some big unplottable al-Qaeda conspiracy against America, when you argue that Muslims should be rounded up and put in internment camps, when you suggest that every Muslim man, woman, and child is a threat that must be dealt with, you engage in the same attitudes that you claim to see in Amanda to a magnitude of ten.

3. Whenever Malkin is attacked for her positions, for her slander of left-wing advocates in general as "moonbats", she points to the hate mail she has received based on nothing more than the color of her skin. Needless to say, what she received, and possibly still receives, is disgusting and racist.

Still. From the time this "scandal" hit the pages to the time Amanda announced her resignation, and beyond, Amanda was flooded with hate mail. She was called everything from a "libelous hag" to a "fat ugly bitch." Do you think Malkin might feel guilty about forcing Amanda to experience what she did?

Nope. There's absolutely nothing about Amanda's hate mail deluge on Malkin's blog, even a day after the news went up. My, it's almost as if, once Amanda was taken down, Malkin lost all interest in her. Imagine that.

So, nothing changes, in my eyes. Shakes and Amanda are still great women, Michelle Malkin is still a bigot and a hypocrite, and I'm gonna keep getting so angry at what's happening to my great nation that I swear.

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