Saturday, February 10, 2007


Notes On A Non-Scandal

Well, the dust has cleared, and Edwards is keeping Marcotte and McEwan on the team. Of course, he's also told them to watch their tongues, and Amanda and Melissa have both issued apologies for using such harsh words.

I'm a bit torn about this. On the one hand, Edwards did not reciprocate to the nutcases of the far right who wish to dominate the national dialogue and geld those filthy liberals who dare speak up. On the other hand, he acted as if they actually had a legitimate complaint, when he likely should have laughed in Bill "Secular Jews Love Anal Sex!" Donohue's face for daring to suggest he knew when someone was a disgusting bigot.

Oh, well. We're still on neutral ground. We'll just have to see where Edwards' campaign goes next.

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