Thursday, March 22, 2007


Christmas Came Late!

So long, Travaglini. May the door hit you firmly in the ass on your way out.

If you're wondering why I'm so happy, well, here's why:

Murray, who differed with Travaglini on gay marriage, declined to say whether she'd try to block a second vote on a proposed constitutional amendment outlawing same sex marriage in Massachusetts. Travaglini pushed for the amendment. Murray opposed it.

"I haven't even discussed that with myself," she said.

All right, all right, judging by the last round of self-serving, "Well, at least we put it up for a vote" backpats and blowjobs, that doesn't really mean much. Still. The main reason the anti-gay marriage amendment was actually voted for in the last go-around was because Travaglini forced the chamber to go into a vote as soon as they had convened, rather than allowing for debate on the issue.

We've got a fighting chance again. Let's not blow it.

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