Friday, March 02, 2007



This, if I am to believe correctly, is a chart of the incidence of "the seven dirty words" on the top eighteen progressive blogs. Such a Herculean effort has been undertaken by conservative blogger Gateway Pundit, apparently to prove that those liberal blogs are so vulgar and crude.

This is supposed to prove something? That we swear and we're angry? Fuck yes, we swear and we're angry. It means that we're human. It means that we're human, and we are upset at the state of the world.

Instaputz, who recaps this exercise in missing the point by parsecs, provides, as "counterpoint", the examples of several kind, courteous, professional conservative bloggers-- you know, the kinds who get glowing write-ups in The Washington Post (and seriously, Howard Kurtz, what the fuck?)-- calling for the death and imprisonment of political opponents and civilians. Apparently, they get off scot-free, but since we use naughty language, we must be shunned like lepers.

So, Mr. Gateway Pundit, allow me to deliver my rejoinder, with Eric Cartman speaking for me and, I'm sure, the rest of the lefty blogosphere:

(Yes, I know that's Dragon Ball Z. Yes, I know it sucks. There's only so much I can do with YouTube, people.)

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