Thursday, March 08, 2007


I Didn't Play All Those Dungeons and Dragons Games Without Learning Something About Courage

I'm going to be open with something, once again: I am a roleplaying geek. I got into the hobby right out of high school, and saw it as a great way to exercise my imagination while furthering social interaction. Of course, I also knew that there was a certain stigma associated with the hobby. On the more mocking side, you had the idea of socially-retarded miscreants in parents' basements, drinking down Mountain Dew and pretending to be elves. On the more hysterical side, you had... well, Mazes and Monsters.

And I really can't decide which side of the barrier this one comes down on:

In his defence, Boyd claimed that due to pressures that he was suffering in his work and marriage and his indulgence in a role-playing game called "Shadow Run", he thought he may have been playing the part of criminal elf Buho when he threatened the lone female shop owner at knifepoint after asking for a discount.

And an explanation of Shadowrun, for those who think it's a game of panty-snatching elves.

The most hilarious part of this is that Shadowrun is probably the fourth roleplaying game ever to get full-on media coverage like this, and it's for stolen panties. At least D&D, Vampire: the Masquerade, and Kult all had murder and suicide associated with them.

All I know is, I now have yet another malfeasance to defend my beloved hobby against. Hooray.

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