Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I Hear You Can See the Pyramids From Walter Reed

You want to see how much respect a nation's troops get? See how they get treated after it's revealed that their primary outpatient care provider has been treating them like garbage for years.

Case in point: after George Weightman was relieved of his duty, Kevin Kiley was picked to fill his position-- the same Kevin Kiley who did nothing after a Congressman's wife told him about seeing an injured soldier lying in his own urine. Once the people in charge of this bullshit realized what a hideous mistake they'd made, they kicked Kiley out and brought in Gale Pollock.

So, will someone finally take responsibility for the disgusting conditions our troops were forced to endure? Oh, don't tell me you honestly believe that's how Washington works nowadays!

"I know everyone is extremely pained and angry about the media assaults on Walter Reed and our senior leaders," Pollock wrote in an e-mail obtained by The Washington Post. She added that she "articulated our displeasure at the misinformation about the quality of care" to a Post reporter after a congressional hearing last week but also acknowledged that she believes the stories could create momentum for changes that would better serve the Army.

She also wrote: "I know that your families and loved ones are affected by this event as well -- please reassure them that the media makes money on negative stories not by articulating the positive in life -- though that is something I will never understand."

"It's not our fault, we swear! It's the nasty, evil media! They only focus on the mold-ridden buildings, the sprawling disorganized grounds meant for crippled soldiers, and servicemen lying in their own urine! They don't care about... uh... our fully-stocked hospital shop! Isn't that a good thing?"

It seems like nothing in Washington is anyone's own fault anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if someone went on a killing spree in DC tomorrow and then attacked the media for focusing so much on his bloody crimes. Will no one in power grow a pair and admit that our government fucked up?

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