Monday, March 19, 2007


A Throne Built On Shit

This is the hallway of Building 40 at the Walter Reed Medical Center:

I've seen better caretaking in the Silent Hill games.

And this, for purposes of comparison, would be the VIP suite at Walter Reed:

So, who gets to stay in the VIP suite? Why, only the best, the most deserving...

[...]the president, the vice president, federal judges, members of Congress and the Cabinet, high-ranking military officials and even foreign dignitaries and their spouses. The only enlisted members of the military who are eligible to stay there are recipients of the Medal of Honor.

So while our injured soldiers make their way up and down halls that look like Leatherface and his family have set up shop, the people in power get to stay in a room with valuable antiques and a flatscreen TV. This is how those in charge "support the troops."

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