Friday, March 16, 2007


Why Should We Care About Those We've Ruined?

There's corruption in the White House. There's disgusting corruption in the White House. Then there's the absolutely blasphemous type of corruption that would make even Marie Antoinette's disembodied head go, "Bitch, please."

Dr. James Knodell, director of the Office of Security at the White House, told a congressional committee today that he was aware of no internal investigation or report into the leak of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame.

The White House had first opposed Knodell testifying but after a threat of a subpoena from the committee yesterday he was allowed to appear today.

Knodell said that he had started at the White House in August 2004, a year after the leak, but his records show no evidence of a probe or report there: "I have no knowledge of any investigation in my office," he said.

Rep. Waxman recalled that President Bush had promised a full internal probe. Knodell repeated that no probe took place, as far as he knew, and was not happening today.

Four years since the Plame outing. Two years since the outing was tied to Rove. The chief aide of the Vice President was charged, indicted, and convicted for lying to the press on the nature of the leak.

And nothing happened within the White House.

The gloves are off. The mask has been cast aside. The Bush Administration has formally crossed the line from sheer incompetence colored by corruption into blatant, criminal apathy. Let's show them exactly the respect they deserve.

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