Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Stand Up

Dear Democrats:

I understand you were pushed to the wall. I understand that there was no way in Hell that Bush would agree to the conditions of the bill as long as there was a timetable in it. I understand that he would probably force the troops to fight off terrorists with sticks and stones before admitting he'd failed.

Still. You buckled. You came in, and you promised us all this bullshit would change. You came in, and you promised that you speak truth to power. You came in, and you promised that you would put an end to this war. And now you've backed down.

I still have hope for you. But remember: this is still 2007. Next year will be 2008, and we all know what that means. So I suggest that if you want to survive the general onslaught that is sure to be the 2008 election cycle, then you find your resolve and use it.

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