Thursday, June 28, 2007


If You Can't Say Anything Nice, You Get A Lucrative Book Deal

So, after my last post on Ann Coulter, Elizabeth Edwards ended up calling into Hardball while she was on and smacking her about for the seven kinds of shit she's given her family over the years. And, as usual, it seems like I'm the last person in the world extensively commenting on this.

First of all, good for Mrs. Edwards. It's about time someone who's been dragged through the mud by Coulter confronted her in a public place where she can't shy away from the harsh light of the truth. And look at the defense Ann throws up-- "You're trying to silence me!" Yes, God knows that there's no way you can ever tell the truth unless you make fun of people for mourning their son and call for the grieving father to die in a car bombing. If there were any substance to Ann beyond a cheesecloth dress and a tendency for sadism that would make most torturers blush like school girls, it failed to materialize.

Second of all, while everyone focuses on Elizabeth Edwards's bitch slap, few are really focusing on the depths to which Ann has sunk. Yes, she went even lower than, "Can someone speed up Darfur?"

"We need to be less concerned about civilian casualties...we bombed more people in Hamburg in two days ... I'd rather have their civilians die than our civilians... we should kill their people."

She said this, right in front of Chris Matthews, whose job is to ostensibly provide some gravitas when it comes to journalism. Of course, Matthews realized who was steering the gravy boat long ago, so he just lets her spit out her vitriol because, in his own words, "she sells books."

What the world needs is for somebody to say, "No." Somebody to say, "You have crossed the line." And the minute Ms. Coulter bitches about someone trying to curb her freedom to speech, that someone needs to tell her to go get a soapbox and try screaming at the pigeons like all the other psychotics. The First Amendment gives everyone a right to free speech. Doesn't mean we have to give you a fucking megaphone.

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