Thursday, June 14, 2007


It's All Up To Them Now

Today, at 1 PM, floor debate starts for the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention. The topic: whether or not an amendment on same-sex marriage should go directly to the voters.

I'll admit, I haven't done as much as I can to support the effort to kill this amendment where it stands. And if it goes through, then I may very well feel responsible to some degree.

But I believe we can beat it. I believe we've gotten the word out. Besides, some of the most powerful people in the state government are opposed to this amendment. I do believe we'll win.

Doesn't mean I'm not feeling as nervous as all fuck, though.

UPDATE: It failed. We won. We're safe for the next few years.

Just saw this from A joint session of the Massachusetts Legislature has defeated a constitutional ban on gay marriage 151-45, eliminating any chances of getting it on the ballot in November 2008. At least 50 votes were needed to advance the measure.

I will join you in that Woot!
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