Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Out With It Already

So, a staffer working for Tom "Nuke Mecca!" Tancredo has been outed as gay. Normally, I'd be happy about people working to further the causes of politicians who'd love to see us gays forced back into the closet seeing what the rest of us are afraid of, but there's one problem here: he's only eighteen.

I've got to admit, I'm a little torn on this one. According to stories, this guy's been working for anti-gay groups and was spotted holding an anti-gay sign back in November. Then again, when I was coming out, I went through a massively homophobic phase about three months before I came to terms with my sexuality, as it appears this guy is doing.

Then again, this is a kid who should be wising up. This is someone who should realize that the people he's working for would love to see him thrown in jail the minute he engages in sexual relations with another man. This is someone who should realize that the woman defending him is the not-at-all-diametrically-opposed sister of a man who thought AIDS victims were getting divine punishment. And if he fails to do that, even after he's been brought into the harsh light of day... well, then, I guess there's just no excuse for him.

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