Tuesday, June 26, 2007


What A Way To Start The Day

The other day, I crawled out of bed, came downstairs, and found my mom watching Ann Coulter on Good Morning America. I'm telling you, seeing that botched wax museum piece bloviate on the air has the tendency to wake me up faster than having a panicked ferret dropped on my genitalia. Mind you, I quickly turned on my heel and went back upstairs.

What did I miss? Oh, nothing. Just Ann expressing her deep hope that John Edwards gets cacked in the near future. I'd make a joke, but when I realize that this is what political debate has come to in our country-- the point where a pundit can get away with hoping someone gets killed without the Secret Service falling upon her like the wrath of God-- I find there's nothing funny to say.

So, the only thing I'll say is that, in the future, I'd prefer a nice cup of coffee to wake me up.

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