Friday, July 06, 2007


It Is Beautiful Day In The Collective...

I don't know if you noticed this, but there are some American kids who feel like they need the future handed to them on a silver platter by God himself, no matter whether or not they're earned it. Now, why could that be? Could it be because we treat celebrities like modern gods, and fame as the Golden Calf? Could it be because we give Paris Hilton air time for the very act of breathing? Could it be because we're people who don't realize how good we have it, and thus blow petty personal injustices way out of proportion?

Nope. Apparently, it's Mr. Rogers. Yup; because the man spent every day telling kids of all stripes that there was something about them that was unique and special, he was obviously dragging us into a communistic morass. So sayeth FOX News, who claim that Mr. Rogers should have been telling kids that they actually kinda suck right now. The very fact that this argument comes to us from FOX News, based on a report from the Wall Street Journal-- both of which cater to the American First Estate-- makes it all the more stupid.

Remember, kids; you aren't special. Now, get back to work.

I can't help but notice how they've turned the word "entitlement" around from a negative word denoting the privileges claimed by the dominant groups to a derogative term for the demands of the underclasses.

Anyway, he thing that kills me is the total lack of awareness of folk literature this kind of "logic" reveals. From the legends surrounding King David to any version of Cinderella, it's a common, universal motif that even the most disadvantaged could possess the potential to achieve greatness. It's not the same as "Every individual is special", but the similar message of "Everyone has a spark" has been around for a very, very long time.

However, I suppose next we'll be reading how the modern incarnation of the Cinderella story, particularly the aspect of a Fairy Godmother, acclimates children to the welfare state.
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