Wednesday, July 25, 2007


"It's Only An Accusation Of Treason! Lighten Up!"

Oh, hey, look! My former governor is being a douche again! It must be a day ending in "y"!

So here's a presidential candidate, the man who claims to be so tough on terror he'd "double Gitmo", roughly endorsing some woman by smiling while she waves a sign putting two American citizens on par with the perpetrator of the worst attack on America ever. And when called on the carpet about it, he says he just doesn't care about what the people who associate with him say, and tells those who don't like the fact that he implicitly compared others to terrorists to "lighten up."

I cannot wait until he crashes and burns.

Good luck with that crashing and burning thing. I thought for sure that would happen to MY former governor, but then he went and got elected president. Twice. Oy.
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