Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Street Cred

And another thing on this whole Scooter Libby mess. I understand that some folks on the right have been originating the argument that, even though Libby will never see anything remotely approaching jail time for his crimes, he'll still have to deal with the massive blow to his credibility.

Right, like what happened to Oliver North-- oh, wait, he got his own TV show.

Well, there's always Chuck Colson, who actually went to jail-- oh, wait, he found Christ, and now he's considered something of a legitimate voice amongst the far right.

How about G. Gordon Liddy-- whoops, he got a talk show for a while there.

Well, there's got to be Pat Buchanan-- oh, wait...

Like always, there's an industry amongst the far right that exists solely to protect its "martyrs." If your endeavor to fuck over America and its principles ends in a series of pratfalls unseen since Laurel and Hardy, you can be sure there will be someone there to catch you when you fall, polish you up, and restore what air of legitimacy you might have once had.

Scooter Libby's credibility is not going to suffer. At least, not among the people who really matter to him.

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