Friday, August 03, 2007


Back From Minnesota

Well, it wasn't the massive disaster I thought it would be. Hell, it was likely diametrically opposed to the massive disaster I thought it would be.

Mind you, it didn't start off well. We headed for Logan on Saturday, when a storm was picking up. Sure enough, it broke at the airport, and our flight got delayed... and delayed... to the point where we realized there was no way in Hell we were going to make our connecting flight from St. Louis to Minneapolis, went home, and arranged for a flight early the next morning. So when we fly out to Minneapolis and get our rental car, we get horribly lost trying to get to 35 West due to road work that keeps blocking off nearly every convenient entrance to 35 West. Once we get on the highway (after an hour of desperate searching), it takes us about six hours to get to Lutsen.

And Lutsen... wasn't bad. Really. Hanging out with the relatives was very nice. Brother Cognito and I were left on our own to hang about while our parents did stuff they wanted to do. And the dining in Grand Marais was deceptively excellent. That must've been the first time I've ever had duck confit, and I've gotta say, it was excellent.

On a more serious note, Mother Cognito was a bit freaked out by the bridge collapse. Not only because it was a massive tragedy, but because we would've been traveling over that very bridge to get back to Minneapolis. So, if it had happened eighteen hours later...

Still. In all, it was a pretty good reunion, and I probably should not have bitched about it so much. Live and learn.

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