Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Do You Know What It Means...?

Two years ago, Katrina made landfall. Two years ago, we saw an American city flooded. Two years ago, we saw just how horribly the Bush Administration had fucked up our country's infrastructure through blatant cronyism, and just how much the leading voices of the conservative movement cared about the poor of New Orleans.

Two years later, parts of New Orleans lie in ruins. Two years later, there are people still stuck in FEMA trailers who can't find jobs in the city and who have little chance of reclaiming a normal life as conditions still stand. Two years later, there's a murder a day in the city. Two years later, the levees aren't even rebuilt-- and apparently won't be until 2011, if the Army Corps of Engineers has the right estimate.

After Katrina first touched down, there were people wondering why we shouldn't just abandon the city and leave residents with nowhere else to go to fend for themselves. I'm not so sure they haven't won out.

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