Monday, August 27, 2007


Rats. Ship. You Know The Rest.

Wow. The dew drops haven't even dried off of the Turd Blossoms, and Alberto Gonzales is already getting the hell out of Washington. Right now, Chertoff's being considered for a replacement, though I hope to God the Dems give him Hell over this. Let's put a stop to Bush playing Three Card Monte with his circle of friends, juggling them about until the big fuck up occurs.

Until then, I leave you with Gonzo's Greatest Hits. Hit it!

Once upon a time, about four years ago, all of the UK was in an uproar about a political scandal in which a civil servant had allegedly been hounded to suicide by his superiors for being honest with the press about the Iraq war.

An inquiry was set up, though it was a whitewash. One of the most memorable events during it was the testimony of Geoff Hoon, then Defence Minister and boss of the dead civil servant. Hoon's evidence was so full of 'I didn't know' and 'I don't remember' that it appeared he had not a clue about what was happening in his own department. It seems that everyday he went into work and idled away the hours on his Playstation until hometime, never once reading one of those large folders in his In tray.

Ah, nostalgia.
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