Friday, August 10, 2007


Why We're Still At War

Because people aren't willing to make possibly unpopular decisions to save American lives:

Tuesday night Sanchez said she could not support the protesters because the $145 billion in Iraq war funding was in the same bill that would provide money to build the C-17 aircraft in California.

"I never voted for this war," she said. But "I'm not going to vote against $2.1 billion for C-17 production, which is in California. That is just not going to happen."

This is the stand that some of our Democrats are taking. Sure, there's a horrible war going on that's resulting in the death of brave Americans who wanted nothing more than to protect their country, that was launched for reasons that turned out to be utterly bullshit, but hey, my pork is at risk, so it's not like I can do anything.

Congratulations, you wonderful, spineless scumsuckers.

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