Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Let Them Eat Knockoffs

I think I'm going to be sick:

But no moral calculus can justify $52,500, no matter how much you've given to good works. This expenditure makes Judith Giuliani look frugal in her reported relationship with her Louis Vuitton purse -- according to a Vanity Fair profile, she calls it Baby Louis and insists that it be accorded a separate seat on the Giulianis' chartered jet.

And the profile in question, for everyone who wants to know what's what about the current Ms. Giuliani (apparently dog stapling is just the start of it).

But that little nugget... Jesus Cartwheeling Christ. Not only do you spend $52,500 that could go to, I don't know, Katrina relief or famine relief or AIDS relief or something else vaguely resembling charity, on a purse that looks like a designer got drunk and sewed his own wares together into one fashionable abortion, but you name it, like it's a fucking pet, and buy a seat for it on your chartered jet. How disconnected from the mass populace do you have to be if you really think this is the most worthwhile investment of your cash?

I'm beginning to feel like Robespierre. This is not a positive development.

At least she's single-handedly proving how stupid the idea of "trickle down economics" is.
Well, if the rich get ludicrously expensive handbags, the poor will be more able to afford their own Gucci!
Well the whole jet itself is charted, not each seat but FREAKING SHEEEESH!! That woman needs a SERIOUS reality bash upside her Barbie-head.
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